Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Tari-Tari Music Album - Utattari, Kanadetari

A lot of very nice music, especially beautiful choir-sung ones.


Disc 1
1. Hajimattari, Mezametari
2. Aruitari, Skip Shitari
3. Negametari, Kanjitari
4. Aisatsu Shitari, Jareattari
5. Odoketari, Hiyaka Shitari
6. Katsudou Shitari, Waraiattari
7. Hohoendari, Hotto Shitari
8. Kirakira Shitari, Waiwai Shitari
9. Yasashisa ni Furetari, Yuugure wo Miagetari
10. Kanchigai Shitari, Oshiete Agetari?
11. Ketsui wo Arata ni Shitari, Koudou Kaishi Shitari
12. Akubi Shitari, Nobi wo Shitari
13. Maemuki Dattari, Hinekurete Mitari
14. Jishin Attari, Nakattari
15. Toritome Nakattari, Natsukashi Gattari
16. Jifu Dattari, Mayoi Dattari
17. Katattari, Mimi wo Katamuketari
18. Omoidashitari, Tsutsumaretari
19. Mukaetari, Tsunagetari
20. Takurandari, Niyari to Shitari
21. Doki Doki Shitari, Oro Oro Shitari
22. Occhokochoi Dattari, Nonki Dattari
23. Iratto Shitari, Mukatto Shitari
24. Matomara Nakattari, Kimara Nakattari
25. Mienakattari, Fuan ni Nattari
26. Hashiridashitari, Nigedashitari
27. Condor Queens Dattari, Samba Dattari
28. Ketsui Dattari, Taisetsu na Omoi Dattari
29. Haha no Yasashisa Dattari, Haha he no Kansha Dattari
30. Arigatou Dattari, Kibou Dattari
31. Wakare Dattari, Wakaretaku Nakattari
32. Kako Dattari, Shinjitsu Dattari
33. Fuan Dattari, Yarusenasa Dattari
34. Umi Dattari, Sora Dattari
35. Setsunasa Dattari, Sabishisa Dattari
36. Arashi Dattari, Ame Dattari
37. Toumei Dattari, Hibiitari
38. Omoi wo Hasetari, Yorisottari
39. Kakaetari, Yorisottari
40. Kakeda Shitari, Motometari

Disc 2
1. Dreamer (TV Size)
2. Shirahama Saka Koukou Kouka
3. Reflectia (Gasshou Ban)
4. Amigo! Amigo!
5. Amigo! Amigo! (Requiem Ver.)
6. goin' my way!! (#1 Ver.)
7. goin' my way!! (Gasshou Ban)
8. Shirahama Saka Koukou Kouka (Latin Ver.)
9. Hou'oli
10. Eyecatch
11. Kokoro no Senritsu (Inst Ver.)
12. Kokoro no Senritsu (#2 ED Ver.)
13. Kokoro no Senritsu (#6 ED Ver.)
14. Kokoro no Senritsu (Gasshou Ban)
15. Kokoro no Senritsu
16. Nettou Hero Gambaraijer (#10 Ver.)
17. Nettou Hero Gambaraijer
18. radiant melody
19. Shiokaze no Harmony (2nin Ver.)
20. Shiokaze no Harmony (4nin Ver.)
21. Shiokaze no Harmony (5nin Ver.)
22. Shiokaze no Harmony (#13 ED Ver.)

Download here.


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